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All Nippon Airways boosting Japan travel

Tokyo [Japan], March 4 (ANI): All Nippon Airways is accelerating inbound tourism in Japan by promoting itself among foreign tourists.
During winter last year, the firm collaborated with Kimono Mom, a popular YouTuber with a subscriber base of 1.4 million.

Tokyo and Kyoto are two destinations in Japan which are visited by many visitors. Apart from scenic views, authentic food and beautiful culture, these places are a sight to watch in different seasons.

“Dogo Onsen” in Shikoku is a famous hot spring resort. This town is attracting a number of tourists. The culture of ‘geisha’ has flourished in these hot spring resorts which include traditional music, dance, and games for the recreation of the visitors.
As Japan is surrounded by the sea on all sides, seafood is a major part of Japanese culture.

Fresh seafood from “Seto Inland Sea” is enjoyed on the barbecue. Visitors interact with locals which makes their travelling even better.
Hokkaido is also a popular tourist place which attracts many tourists throughout the year.
It becomes a snowy region in winter.

Tourists enjoy beautiful winter scenery and skiing. It is crowded with foreigners visiting ski resorts in winter.
A tourist from Singapore said: “Japanese hospitality is always good. Customer service is always the best. I love Japan. I come back here every year.”

ANA has released tourist information along with influencer Kimono Mom through its website and official (Social networking service) SNS.
ANA’s inbound introduction has contributed greatly to the tourism industry of Japan and is taking Japanese tourism to new heights. (ANI)

Source: ani news