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Ukrainian war dominates German President and Biden meeting

On the 3rd local time, German Chancellor Scholz and US President Biden held a meeting at the White House. On the first anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, subtle changes have also taken place in the relationship between the United States and Germany. Agence France-Presse stated on the 3rd that the two countries have deep frictions on the issue of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, such as whether to provide Ukraine with main battle tanks, Germany’s concerns about the US “Inflation Reduction Act” and the US’s continued close economic relations with China. Dissatisfaction, etc., and these are obviously topics that cannot be avoided when the two meet.

Ukraine War Top Issue

According to a Reuters report on the 3rd, a senior US government official revealed that the meeting between Biden and Scholz lasted for an hour, and the primary topic was to discuss the Ukraine issue. The meeting will help the U.S. and German leaders exchange views on the Ukrainian government and the Russia-Ukraine conflict entering its second year.

White House National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said on the 2nd that the leaders of the two countries will discuss bilateral cooperation on a range of global security and economic issues. He said the U.S. supported policy changes in Germany in response to the security environment, including increased defense spending and a swift move away from Russian energy.

CNN said on the 3rd that Scholz may use this meeting to propose to Biden that he is having discussions with other European leaders about providing security guarantees to Ukraine as a way to end Russia-Ukraine. A form of conflict. The day before, Scholz told the German parliament that the leaders of Russia and Ukraine are currently not willing to negotiate. U.S. and European officials are increasingly concerned that the harrowing conflict could turn into a bloody standoff. If this continues, it will become increasingly difficult for the two sides to return to the negotiating table.

German government spokesman Hebeschreiter said at a press conference on the 2nd, “I think the two of them are now more concerned about the future situation-what will happen to Ukraine in the next few months? What is the impact of the support? Of course they will discuss one or two other topics.”

The “Beixi” incident must be clarified

Agence France-Presse said on the 3rd that since Biden took office, the relationship between the United States and Germany has been described as ups and downs. Scholz’s visit to the United States may provide a good opportunity for the two countries to discuss thorny issues and differences. Many Western media believe that Scholz’s visit to the United States will demonstrate his determination to support Ukraine.

Atlantic Council expert Jon Fleck told AFP on the 3rd that in this meeting, Biden will clearly express his dissatisfaction with being embarrassed by Scholz in the debate on the delivery of the main battle tank. However, Ratke, a former U.S. diplomat, said that the incident showed that “the differences between the United States and Germany can be bridged, but only when they meet at the highest level. The importance of the meeting between the two leaders is not It is self-evident”.

At the same time, Scholz also had something to say in this meeting. Agence France-Presse said on the 3rd that Scholz will express his concerns about what Germany and the EU believe are unfair green subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act. France 24h reported on the 3rd that the influential German industry lobby group, the Federation of German Industries, said that the debate surrounding the bill was “a test of transatlantic relations.” The Federation of German Industries said ahead of Scholz’s trip to the United States that he needed to push for “improvement” of the bill to avoid disadvantages for EU companies and avoid a trade war between the two countries. In addition, Sevim Dagdren, a member of the German Bundestag, said on the 2nd that during the White House talks, Scholz must ask US President Biden to clarify responsibility for the terrorist attack on the “North Stream” natural gas pipeline. He said the United States had to explain it, given the revelations made by American journalist Seymour Hersh about the perpetrators, including the United States and Norway. Scholz has to take a tough line with the U.S. government on this issue.

China is also on the agenda?

Kirby said at a briefing on the 2nd that the meeting between Biden and Scholz will also exchange views on other global issues such as the upcoming NATO summit and China’s challenges. White House Press Secretary Pierre said that the leaders of the United States and Germany will also evaluate the continued cooperation between the two countries on a series of regional and global security issues, including jointly responding to the common challenges posed by China, as well as cooperation between the United States and Germany in the Indo-Pacific region.

Agence France-Presse said on the 3rd that Germany’s huge economic ties with China, the Asian superpower, put it in a delicate position. Tensions have risen between Beijing and Washington over the downing of a Chinese balloon over the United States and economic competition over key technologies such as semiconductors.

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