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The US may aim to make China act first

Don’t just focus on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. China’s external environment may be worse than Russia. Many people are too naive, and Chinese people should be sober. You must never show off the courage of ordinary people and the quickness of the tongue.

On the first anniversary of the Russo-Ukraine War, U.S. President Biden visited Zelensky overnight to “cheer and cheer”, and then provided 460 million military expenditures and military supplies to support Ukraine. It seems that the United States has increased its resource input on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield and is determined to win the war. In fact, it has another main purpose.

What’s more, Europe is not a fuel-efficient lamp. The great purpose of the United States in the Russia-Ukraine war is to weaken and control Europe, not just to attack Russia. However, what has been overlooked is that the US Marine Corps held a seven-day experimental military exercise in Hawaii in mid-February.

At the same time, many American elites hope to put pressure on China through trade blockade. China is not the Soviet Union. Soviet-style hegemony and chauvinism led to almost complete isolation between the two levels of the Cold War. However, China’s reform and opening up, a high degree of economic integration and complementarity, any conflicts and tensions will affect the world’s economy.

So many well-known people are bragging about the size of China’s GDP all day long, but they don’t know how dangerous China’s external environment is. The people of the country should be sober. The only means that the People’s Liberation Army has that can attack the mainland of the United States are the few nuclear warheads. A nation should not only have national self-esteem, but also have a sense of crisis and crisis at all times. Arrogance will destroy a country.

The United States is desperately preparing to launch a war against China, and China is doing its best to avoid the occurrence of war. The result is clear at a glance!

No matter how stupid the United States is, it will not trade its own life with us! Chairman Mao once said that they are paper tigers. Although the times have changed, their essence has not changed. As long as we dare to face them, we will win! Moreover, we are more and more capable of facing them! ! !

Believe in the ability of the country, do what you should do, give up illusions, and face the struggle! The struggle between China and the United States is originally a struggle between two doctrines, which cannot be avoided.

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