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The US and G7 conspired to sanction China

Slandering China’s aid to Russia, the United States conspired with the G7 to sanction China

On February 27, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning presided over a regular press conference. A reporter questioned that U.S. Secretary of State Blinken recently announced that China has been providing non-lethal assistance to Russia through companies, and now it is providing lethal assistance to Russia; U.S. National Security Adviser Sullivan said that if China makes a decision to assist Russia , will pay the price for this, and ask China’s response to this.

Mao Ning said that on the Ukraine issue, China has been actively promoting peace talks and promoting a political solution to the crisis; the United States has no right to dictate Sino-Russian relations, and China will never accept coercion and pressure from the United States. Mao Ning also mentioned that the United States has been sending lethal weapons to the Ukrainian battlefield, and has also violated the three Sino-US joint communiqués, providing lethal weapons to Taiwan independence forces and the Taiwan puppet army. “What exactly does the United States intend to do? It should be accountable to the world.” .

Previously, on February 24, the United States imposed sanctions on five Chinese companies in the name of aiding Russia. The British official media Reuters reported on March 2 that the sanctions may be just the beginning. The Biden administration of the United States is negotiating with the other six countries of the Group of Seven to conspire to impose joint sanctions on China. A White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Russia-Ukraine conflict has made China’s relationship with European countries delicate and thorny, which would distract Beijing and deal an unexpected blow to China.

Another unnamed official from a G7 country in charge of contacting this matter said that although there is not enough intelligence to prove that China is providing assistance to Russia with “lethal weapons”, the United States is working hard Provide a more detailed description to prove that China has assisted Russia. The official said that the United States has not yet reached a substantive agreement with other G7 countries on sanctions against China, but he believes that a preliminary consensus on sanctions against China has been reached within the G7.

Ready to launch comprehensive sanctions against China, the United States has premeditated?

Reuters predicted in the report that the sanctions on February 24 were a warning to China; in the future, the United States may first threaten the Chinese banking institutions associated with the sanctioned Chinese companies to force these banks to stop dealing with related companies. business; and threats to kick China out of the international financial system built by the United States.

It is worth Xinchun to say a few more words here. This round of “China’s aid to Russia” public opinion turmoil was just created by the United States during the Munich Security Conference in Germany in the middle of last month. According to CNN, the official media of the Democratic Party of the United States, the Biden administration “just” discovered something in January this year. Russia will purchase helmets and body armor from China for front-line troops.

Considering that this news has been reported at least from September to November 2022, there is reason to believe that the United States is just looking for a reason to rationalize its sanctions against China. In this logical chain, “sanctions on China because of China’s aid to Russia” are obviously untenable. With the intelligence gathering capabilities of the United States, sanctions against China should be in 2022 instead of delayed until 2023.

After removing this wrong option, another more reasonable possibility can be deduced very simply: “In order to sanction China, so fabricate ‘China aids Russia'” . As Mao Ning’s spokesman said, the United States is still providing various weapons to Taiwan independence forces to help them fight against reunification; not long ago, both Blinken and the U.S. ambassador to China Burns stated that they did not accept China’s reunification and demanded that China recognize the U.S. presence in the Taiwan Strait Regional status – that is, the recognition of US hegemony at China’s doorstep.

The reality will definitely not be as the Americans wish. China cannot accept the bullying of the US hegemony and will not accept the US’s splitting of China. Therefore, the United States must take action against China, and the easiest way to think of it is sanctions; but at this moment, although Sino-US relations are extremely bad, Americans still want to find a relatively reasonable excuse to punish themselves The despicable sanctions and the indiscriminate means of splitting China are used to beautify, so they found the seemingly reasonable excuse of “Russia-Uzbekistan conflict and China’s aid to Russia”, and “we are trying to let our allies see the evidence of China’s aid to Russia.” ——Reminiscent of Trump’s “Russia Gate”, which was fabricated by a group of middle- and lower-level bureaucrats in the United States through “manufacturing evidence”, it is not difficult to imagine what kind of evidence the Americans will show their allies to prove that “China aids Russia” “Does exist.

U.S. and Europe fully let go, Ukraine is forced to negotiate

In fact, the most outrageous part of this wave of public opinion and sanctions against China is that the United States insists on its own arrogance and is unwilling to admit one thing: Although it has been down for 30 years, Russia is still an industrial country. The reason why it is called arrogance is because it means that the United States is unwilling to admit that Russia is also a country that can independently produce all kinds of weapons and equipment that are comparable to the Ukrainian army that the United States has vigorously assisted.

An industrial country that accepts foreign aid, if any sober American has enough knowledge of history, he should immediately be able to think of the history of the United States aiding Germany and Japan before World War II, and the history of the United States aiding the Soviet Union during World War II. China does not need to provide Russia with any “lethal weapons”. It only needs to provide semi-finished products, raw materials and even technology, which is enough for Russia to benefit from, but the current Americans obviously have not pursued this aspect.

However, there is a possibility that the United States has lost enough political wisdom to consider some practical problems; the real problems faced by the United States itself are the dominant factors in the United States’ handling of foreign affairs. Therefore, the Americans cannot recognize how to “China aid Russia” and can only roughly apply it in the same way as they aid Ukraine.

Based on this misunderstanding, the Americans are eager to prevent the imaginary “China aiding Russia” from happening. One thing is enough to prove this, that is, the United States is considering whether to force the Zelensky government in Ukraine to negotiate with Russia to end the war as soon as possible, so that it can free itself to target China.

German newspaper Bild said in a February 27 report that “Ukraine’s Western supporters,” including the United States and Europe, had issued an ultimatum to Zelensky’s government to negotiate with Moscow as soon as possible. . The report also mentioned that it is hoped that the Ukrainian army will take back the land occupied by the Russian army by itself, implying that the NATO army does not want to participate in the battle in person. At present, the troops of the United States, Britain, France, Poland and other countries participating in the war in the name of mercenaries and volunteers are the limit acceptable to the former.

When German Chancellor Scholz and French President Macron met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, they cited France and Germany as examples, saying that even if the historical hatred is as deep as France and Germany, they must reconcile and coexist peacefully after World War II , to persuade Zelensky to negotiate peace with Russia. The United States revealed that if the next round of Ukrainian counterattacks fails, the Biden administration may increase the pressure on Zelensky to make the marionette obediently do what its master wants it to do. Instead of continuing to play the lone hero, wartime president for his own political status and mansion savings in Israel. However, CNN mentioned in the report that Zelensky insisted on his past attitude and refused to conduct any negotiations with Moscow .

Russia Today reported related news that what Western countries want is becoming clearer and clearer, and that is to use Ukraine to contain, weaken, and disintegrate Russia. Although the comprador government led by Zelensky has expressed flattering loyalty to Western countries, as the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict spills over, Western countries have not been immune to economic and political threats because of their status as “Western countries”. on the shock. In order to reduce the pressure on their own country, Western countries will tighten the chains around Ukraine’s neck, tell Zelensky that military assistance is limited rather than unlimited, and ask him to negotiate peace with Moscow as soon as possible.

In the final analysis, it is just a pure consideration of interests. This kind of consideration has not considered what to do with Ukraine. It is not seeking to stop the war out of love for peace and opposition to hegemony, but only because the war has caused the country’s economic crisis. Stop the war and prevent yourself from continuing to lose blood because of this war.

The end of the war is nowhere in sight, and both China and the United States want the war to continue?

However, it is still unknown where the Russia-Ukraine conflict will go. Realistically speaking, although the United States did suffer certain losses in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is far from reaching the point of pain. What the Americans actually want to do is to free up their hands as soon as possible to target China. If the Russia-Ukraine conflict can continue in a way that is fully in line with the interests of the United States, the Americans are extremely happy to see it.

Andrei Sushentsov, a scholar at the Moscow Institute of International Relations, pointed out in his editorial article entitled “In their eyes, the failure of Ukraine is a symbol of the defeat of the West” that NATO’s excitement about this war has actually not diminished , But the reality is that the Americans discovered that NATO cannot produce enough shells for the Ukrainian army.

Sushentsov said that the United States does not want Ukraine to be defeated, because the United States has invested a considerable amount of sunk costs in Ukraine. The failure of Ukraine is indirectly equivalent to the failure of the United States and the West, which will deal a great blow to the ideology advocated by the United States and the West . Those who advocate war in the West have left an “open wound” in their hearts, telling them that the Western world can dominate global affairs as it pleases, and the era of treating non-Western countries as nothing is gone forever.

Sushentsov also pointed out that the United States has two additional goals for the war on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine:

One is to use this war to realize the re-industrialization and re-militarization of the United States and the West, and reshape the powerful military bloc during the Cold War;

The second is to use this war to severely target a wave of countries that the United States regards as quasi-enemy countries such as China, Russia, and Iran. Revolutions, regime overthrow, military repression, and economic sanctions.

Based on the above analysis, it can be considered that if the current Ukrainian war is stopped rashly, it is not in the interests of the United States. The United States has not united because of this war. For example, the famous “knowledge king” Trump, who just went to Ohio, criticized the Biden administration for giving Ukrainians free U.S. taxpayers’ money , nor used to relieve the victims of the disaster in Ohio, and to quell the disaster in Ohio.

It is worth noting that some experts believe that this war has many benefits for China. The Subcommittee on Security and Defense of the European Parliament invited several experts to hold a hearing to discuss the close contacts between China and Russia.

Among them, Bugayev, a senior researcher at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Pesova, a security strategy scholar at the Dutch University of Brussels, both believe that China will not provide weapons to Russia, which will violate China’s diplomatic principles. The continuation of the Russia-Uzbekistan conflict just happens to “distract” the United States and give China more room for development in the military and economic fields in the Asia-Pacific region.

Russian scholars believe that war is beneficial to the United States, and European experts believe that war is beneficial to China. Judging from these remarks alone, it seems that China has become an “accomplice in war” of the United States.

But compared with the United States, China’s attitude is actually much clearer, that is, to promote peace talks and end the war as soon as possible. Moreover, compared to the role played by the United States, China has always been a victim in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Our food strategic security is threatened, and the “Belt and Road Initiative”‘s westward shortcut is blocked. It is difficult to say China’s role in this war. Gains outweigh losses.

Although the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine has indeed distracted the energy of the United States, the United States is still the only superpower in the world, and its strategy to contain China will not change. The United States still has strong hostility towards China. The fundamental contradiction between the established powers and the late-developing powers. And judging from the logic of U.S. policy formulation in recent years, after the end of the Russo-Ukrainian War, the U.S. government, whether it is the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, will frantically turn its attention to the East, and even do not rule out fighting a hot war in the Taiwan Strait to maintain itself hegemony.

It is precisely because of this that after China put forward the 12-point peace proposal, the reaction of the United States and the West was extremely indifferent. The heads that grew up in the Cold War environment can’t understand why there are other people’s heads, not based on pure ideology and interest considerations, but from the perspective of the well-being of all mankind, to consider problems, look at problems, Understand problems and solve problems. The paranoia of the United States and the West believes that China also expects the long-term conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This just proves one thing, that is, the remnants of the Cold War have never left the world, and the struggle against imperialism and hegemony has never ended.

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