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The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing Promotes the Development of Indonesia-China Economic Relations With the theme ‘Updates from Indonesia’

The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing promoted the development of Indonesia-China economic relations at a media gathering with the theme ‘Updates from Indonesia’ at the Westin Financial District Hotel. The media gathering is intended to inform the latest developments in the country, including strategic issues achieved by Indonesia and China. The issues in focus are Indonesia’s economic growth and preparations for the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia-China trade, investment and tourism.

Opening the event, Ambassador Djauhari Oratmangun expressed his appreciation to all Chinese local media who have facilitated the promotion of Indonesia through media platforms spread throughout China. Ambassador Djauhari conveyed that Indonesia’s inflation rate tends to be controlled at 4.9% as of July 2022 compared to other countries in the region and globally. Ambassador Djauhari is also optimistic to convey the projection of Indonesia’s economic growth at an index of 5.4% in 2022 and 5% in 2023.

The trade figures between Indonesia and China, according to China Customs data, are quite satisfactory, with the January-August 2022 trade value of USD 95.7 billion, exceeding the same timeframe last year at USD 74.2 billion. This happened due to the increase in Indonesia’s export performance, which rose 31.8% with a value of USD 48.3 billion compared to total exports in 2021. The same was reflected in the Indonesian import index from China which increased 26.4% to a value of USD 47.4 billion. Indonesia, represented by the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, the Indonesian Consulate General in Shanghai and ITPC Shanghai were actively involved in the China ASEAN Expo in Nanning which was held in September 2022 to continue to boost the value of imports and exports of the two countries.

The Media Gathering also conveyed the 37th Trade Expo grand trade event with an online and offline hybrid concept which will be held on 19-23 October 2022. As the largest trading event, TEI 37 is expected to attract Chinese entrepreneurs to open wider market access for their products. Indonesia in China. With the theme “Strengthening Global Trade for a Stronger Recovery” TEI 37 could become a very attractive B2B platform for the Chinese public.

Equally important, Ambassador Djauhari raised the development of the Indonesian Presidency at the G20 and conveyed 3 (three) main topics in the field of global health, digital transformation and energy transition. In addition, the G20 mission was also described to address various problems currently occurring in the world, including food security, conflict reduction, pandemics and climate change prevention. Ambassador Djauhari said that China has a key role in the G20, especially in restoring the global economic climate, green economy investors, and advancing the digital economy.

The issue of the National Capital has also attracted the attention of journalists. Particularly related to regulations and how to attract Chinese investors to be directly involved in the development of the National Capital. Ambassador Djauhari invited potential Chinese investors to take part in an online forum on October 18, 2022 held by the Ministry of Investment/BKPM regarding this matter.

Along with the opening of tourism, Ambassador Djauhari said that Bali, Batam and Bintan had accepted foreign tourists normally on condition that they had the PeduliLindung application, and had received 2 (two) COVID-19 vaccinations. Indonesia invites all Chinese people to book tickets and enjoy the beauty of Indonesia, which is certainly a dream that has been delayed for 3 years.

It was also stated that Indonesia and China need to increase the potential for digital economic cooperation because Indonesia is targeting 12% of the total GDP from the sector. Ambassador Djauhari also raised the synergy of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Global Maritime Fulcrum in 4 economic corridors which he hopes can be actualized, one of which is the finalization of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project at the end of 2022.

Closing the media gathering, Ambassador Djauhari said that China through ASEAN should continue to seek collaboration to promote stability in the region. It is hoped that this can be an example for other regions that can strengthen global strategic confidence and be able to induce positive economic growth. Therefore, Ambassador Djauhari invites media personnel to work together with their partners, continue to manage factual and positive information so that cooperation between the two countries can consistently reach its maximum potential.

The media gathering was attended by 40 journalists, corporate correspondents as well as online and offline local media journalists from Phoenix International Media Center, CGTN, China Daily, People’s Daily, China Media Group, Global Times, ANTARA News Agency, Kompas, Metro TV, Media Indonesia, Beijing Time , Beijing Daily, Travel Leisure, huanqiu.com, Xinhua News, Development Research Center of the State Council, Hainan TV, Hubei TV, ASEAN-China Center, and others.

Source: Kemenlu Indonesia