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South Korean True Crime Fan Allegedly Kills, Dismembers Tutor ‘Out of Curiosity’

A true crime “obsessed” 23-year-old woman has been indicted on murder charges in South Korea after she apparently confessed to killing her tutor “out of curiosity,” according to local reports.

Jung Yoo-jung was indicted Friday in Busan, a port city along South Korea’s southeastern coastline, after family members reportedly urged her to tell the truth and confess to why she killed the young female tutor whose identity has not been revealed.

“Jung was found to have premeditated the crime driven by a desire to kill someone after she became obsessed with murder from TV programs and books,” a police spokesman said, according to local media outlet The Chosun Ilbo.

“Jung also said she feels sorry for what she did,” the spokesman reportedly added. “We are conducting tests to see if she is a psychopath.”

Local reporting described how Jung reached out to the victim, a female university student and freelance tutor, through an online tutoring service requesting that she “teach her child English.”

Jung then reportedly purchased a school uniform to disguise herself as a student for her visit to the tutor’s home before she allegedly stabbed the victim to death and dismembered her.

Surveillance footage taken from a security camera later showed Jung bringing a suitcase to the scene of the crime that she allegedly used to carry and discard parts of the victim’s body.

Jung also allegedly put on the victim’s clothes, as there was blood on her uniform, before she took a cab with the suitcase to a forested area near the Nakdong River, where she abandoned the suitcase, reported The Chosun Ilbo.

“In order to make it look like the victim had disappeared, Jung kept the victim’s mobile phone, ID card and wallet, attempting to commit a perfect crime,” police reportedly said.

The taxi driver was apparently suspicious of Jung and called the police.

Police officers later found remaining body parts in garbage bags at Jung’s home, reports said.

Authorities recently said they were alarmed by Jung’s demeanor and noted she appeared eerily calm after allegedly carrying out the gruesome murder.

“A person normally panics and becomes terrified when they kill someone, even if they are a criminal, but the scene shows no sign of panic or horror,” said Lee Soo-jung, forensic psychology professor at Kyonggi University, according to Korea JoongAng Daily.

Jung later told authorities “I think I was out of my mind” when pressed about her alleged crime, reported The Korean Times.

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