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South Korean Consumers Can Now Self Repair Their Galaxy Products

In an official newsroom post, Samsung Korea has announced that consumers can self-repair their Galaxy products starting today. Samsung is introducing a self-repair program in South Korea that will guide Galaxy product owners on how to repair their products.

With the self-repair program in Korea, Samsung Galaxy owners will not only be able to visit the Samsung Electronics service center and repair the product and purchase the necessary parts for their Galaxy products but also repair the device themselves. Do note that not all devices can be self-repaired, at least for now. Samsung self-repair will begin with limited devices and parts and gradually expand in the future.

Recycled parts can be returned to Samsung via courier for their disposal

The list of eligible devices and parts that can be self-repaired can be found on the official Samsung website. First, Samsung is offering self-repair for Galaxy smartphones and some TV models. Speaking of Galaxy smartphones, the self-repair program in Korea applies to the Galaxy S20Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S22 series, along with the Galaxy Book Pro 15.6-inch series notebook. TV models include the 32-inch Samsung TV (model numbers: UN32N4000AFXKR, UN32N4010AFXKR, and UN32N4020AFXKR).

Owners of these Galaxy smartphones and Samsung TVs can purchase the necessary parts and repair tools from the official Samsung Korea service website. You can repair the display, the back cover, and the charging port of your Galaxy smartphones. The touchpad and the fingerprint-embedded power button are also included in the subject of self-repair.

For laptops, users can self-repair the display, battery, touchpad, fingerprint power button, front case, rear case, and rubber. You can find the repair manuals and videos for each device on the Samsung Electronics website. After the repair is done, users can self-diagnose their repair through the Samsung Members app and check whether the repair was a success or not. Replaced parts can be returned to Samsung Electronics, after which users will receive a refund, and the parts will be safely disposed of.

Source: Sam Mobile