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South Korea Warns North Korea Against Using Nuclear Weapons

South Korea’s Defense Ministry warned Wednesday that North Korea will witness the “end of its regime” if it makes any effort to employ nuclear weapons.

“Our military is equipped with a combined South Korea-US readiness posture that can overwhelmingly respond to any attack from North Korea.

“If North Korea attempts to use nukes, it will face the end of its regime,” the ministry said in a statement, the Seoul-based Yonhap News Agency reported.

The statement comes in response to Pyongyang’s recent revision of its constitution to firmly establish its nuclear stance.

In addition, the ministry pointed out that North Korea is openly striving to enhance its nuclear capabilities, even as the well-being of its citizens has been severely impacted.

“This is a grave threat that harms peace and stability in the international community, including on the Korean Peninsula, and through this, North Korea will become further isolated from the international community and its people’s suffering will deepen,” the statement said.

North Korea’s recent action follows the implementation of a new nuclear law in September of the previous year which sanctioned the preemptive use of nuclear weapons and declared its status as a nuclear state “irreversible.”

South Korea has previously issued similar warnings to North Korea.

During an Armed Forces Day ceremony last month, President Yoon Suk Yeol said the North Korean regime would face its demise through the South Korea-US alliance if it were to employ nuclear weapons.

Source : AA