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QatarGate: Pancheri gives evidence – “Caili’s partner is distressed”

In the QatarGate case, the “profits” from Pier Antonio Pancheri  ‘s agreement with the authorities are unfolding one after the other. His daughter and wife are officially free without restrictive measures as of yesterday. At the same time, however, Eva Kaili and her partner remain in custody until the next hearing and are anxious about the revelations of the “brain” of the clique. 

Antonio Pantzeri’s daughter and wife were released. Their release, however, is not only the result of Pancheri’s agreement, but shows that the investigators now have in their hands all the evidence they need.  

In his interrogation, Pantzeri “gave” his successor to the European Parliament, Andrea Coccolino. He claimed that the boss of Eva Kaili’s partner agreed to try to suppress anti-Morocco resolutions in exchange for €50,000 in 2019. 

Cotsolino’s lawyer, speaking to the Star , denied the MEP’s involvement and clarified what his relationship was with Eva Kaili, with whom he was in the same political group.

” Cotsolino has seen Ms. Kaili 1-2 times in his career. He had an institutional relationship with her. He has never had private intercourse with Mrs. Kyle, he has never eaten with Kyle and Georgie. They never met on a private occasion ,” said Andrea Coccolino’s lawyer, Federico Conte.

QatarGate: “Georgi is squeezed”

At the same time in Brussels, with unprecedented speed, the “green light” was given to lift the immunity of MEPs Mark Tarabella and Andrea Coccolino. 

In fact, it is Kaili’s partner who has mentioned him as being involved to the investigators. Coccolino’s lawyer replies that Giorgi is “squeezed” and wants to lighten his position.

Georgie who is in prison himself, who is his wife in prison with their daughter at home, could say anything to please the judges. Giorgi says he thinks Coccolino may have been indirectly involved. If the protagonist of the case does not know those involved, then who does? Conte said.

For the time being, however, Tarabella and Cotsolino, after the upcoming vote on the lifting of immunity, expect to be summoned by the authorities to testify.

Source : Star Gr