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Poland, South Korea Live in the Shadow of a Powerful Neighbour Says PM

Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s prime minister, on Wednesday told his South Korean counterpart that Poland and Korea had much in common, particularly the experience of living in the shadow of a powerful neighbour.

Prime Minister Han Duck-soo was in Poland for talks on regional security amid war in neighbouring Ukraine and also to discuss military and nuclear energy cooperation.

Morawiecki, speaking at a press conference at an airbase in Mińsk Mazowiecki in east-central Poland where the two prime ministers watched South Korean FA-50 fighter jets that Poland had recently bought along with other military equipment, said: “Russia is our neighbour and what it is doing to Ukraine today and how it is worsening security conditions in the Far East means that we share the same thoughts, concerns and hopes for the future.

“We are united by the defence of civilisation and peace,” he added. “This means that we have more and more common economic and defence projects.”

Poland has given neighbouring Ukraine large amounts of military equipment to support its fight against Russia and is making intensive weapons purchases to upgrade its own deterrence and defence capabilities.

Morawiecki and Han also discussed partnerships concerning military weapons and equipment, as Poland also wants to help produce South Korean weapons.

South Korea is also set to take part in Poland’s development of nuclear power.

Bilateral economic trade between the countries totalled more than USD 10 billion in 2022, when the armaments purchases were made, Morawiecki pointed out.

Source : The First News