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“Maybe I’ll Run Into the Gangnam Style Dude in North Korea”: When Dennis Rodman Insulted K-Pop Sensation, PSY

North Korea is widely regarded as one of the toughest countries to access for an outsider. There have been only a few individuals who have visited the country multiple times. Dennis Rodman is one of them.

Commonly referred to as USA’s unofficial ambassador to North Korea, Rodman is quite the regular fixture in Pyongyang. A friendship that blossomed along the way with North Korea’s premier, Kim Jong Un, paved the way for the same

Kim Jong Un, a basketball fan, seems to have taken quite a liking for the enigma that is Dennis Rodman. The controversial relationship between the duo has created quite a stir in multiple instances too. Making headlines has never been an issue for Rodman though.

One visit to North Korea by The Worm also gifted the world with a moment of pure comedy. When the world was chiming along with Gangnam Style, Dennis Rodman also wanted to be part of the action. Except, maybe, he got confused between Kim Jong Un’s North Korea and PSY’s South Korea in the process.

How did Dennis Rodman confuse North Korea and South Korea (as a joke(?)?

Dennis Rodman was on one of his visits to North Korea when he expressed a wish – to meet PSY. Rodman tweeted (joked) about how he may run into “The Gangnam Style dude” while he was in North Korea.

PSY didn’t take easy to the Tweet. His response was instantaneous. PSY quickly pointed out how he was from South Korea instead and pointed out Rodman’s lack of geographical expertise.

The interaction wasn’t quite done yet, though. Rodman confirmed that he was in fact joking and didn’t intend to make such a politically and geographically incorrect statement. Referring to PSY as “brother”, The Worm made his clarification public.

And it appears PSY is quite the jokester too. The South Korean star didn’t seem to take any offense and acknowledged Rodman’s “joke”.

Was Rodman actually joking or was it a comedy of errors instead? There is only one man who can ever provide us with an answer to that.

So, Pyongyang didn’t get Rodman the meeting he wanted with PSY. That didn’t change things between The Worm and North Korea though.

What was Rodman’s relationship with Kim Jong Un and North Korea like?

Dennis Rodman is arguably the only American who can claim to have a cordial relationship with Kim Jong Un. A bond over Kim’s fandom for the Chicago Bulls developed into quite the friendship.

Rodman even declared his friendship for life to the North Korean premier. Quite the brave thing to say about a feared dictator indeed. Clearly, the duo has struck a bond over their interactions in Pyongyang.

The Worm has graced Pyongyang with his basketballing talents too. Even with the Harlem Globetrotters. Quite the ambassador for North Korea, Rodman has proved to be.

To have multiple NBA championships in his locker and a friend in Kim Jong Un is something The Worm alone can claim. A Hall of Famer in all aspects, one may say.

Source : TheSportsRush