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Kazakh Automotive Engineers Win Award for Positive Contribution at Shell Eco-Marathon

ASTANA – Kazakhstan’s SU Racing student team of automotive engineers from Satbayev University received a Spirit of Shell Eco-marathon award for their contributions of passion, creativity, and collaboration at the Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2023 and the Middle East 2023 competition in Indonesia, Shell company reported on July 14.

The SU Racing team assisted teams from China, Indonesia, and the Philippines to install and adjust the braking mechanism and undergo a technical inspection. Thanks to this contribution, teams from these countries passed the technical inspection and continued participating in the competition. The Kazakh team received the award for this, which recognizes students who use their skills to contribute to the greater good of others.

“It is awe-inspiring to see the high standard of performance and the innovative ideas that these young minds come up with. Despite encountering numerous challenges throughout the competition, they persevered and achieved exceptional results in designing energy-efficient vehicles,” Norman Koch, Global General Manager of Shell Eco-marathon, said.

Kazakh students assembled a modular dismantled car on an electric battery, which traveled 261.1 kilometers utilizing one kilowatt-hour of energy.

“The last three days have been full of emotions and hopes. … I am happy that we managed to assemble a reliable car and that the judges noticed our team from Kazakhstan,” said Alibek Ibraim, captain of the SU Racing team.

The championship brought together students from across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Approximately 75 teams from 13 countries participated in the event.

Source : Astana Times