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Japan’s Oscar Entry ‘Plan 75’ Sells To KimStim For North America; Deals Also Closed For Korea & Spain

Paris-based Urban Sales has sold Japanese director Chie Hayakawa’s dystopian drama Plan 75 to KimStim for North America, in addition to several other territories. The film won a Camera d’Or Special Mention when it premiered in Un Certain Regard at Cannes this year, and is also Japan’s submission to the Best International Feature category of the Oscars.

In a second round of deals, Urban also sold the film to South Korea (Challan), Spain (Adso), Switzerland (First Hand Films), Indonesia (Falcon Pictures) and Thailand (Sahamongkol Film) while Spafax and Encore acquired worldwide inflight rights.

It was previously sold to France (Eurozoom), Italy (Tucker Film), China (Dddream), Benelux (September Films), Philippines (TBA Studios), Taiwan (Sky Digi) and Singapore (Lighthouse Film Distribution).

Since Cannes, the film has played at festivals including Karlovy Vary and Toronto and will receive a double U.S. premiere at Chicago and Mill Valley film festivals. It is also currently screening at Korea’s Busan International Film Festival.

In Japan, where the film was released theatrically in June by Happinet-Phantom Studios, it has become the top domestic arthouse release of the year, grossing more than $2.3M (¥330m). It was produced by Japan’s Loaded Films, Happinet-Phantom Studios, Dongyu Club and WOWOW, France’s Urban Factory and the Philippines’ Fusee.

Based on Hayakawa’s segment of the Japanese version of the Ten Years anthology films, Plan 75 is set in the near future when the Japanese government launches a program encouraging voluntary euthanasia for senior citizens to remedy a super-aged society.

The story revolves around an elderly woman who isn’t able to live independently, a pragmatic Plan 75 salesman and a young Filipino caregiver. Veteran Japanese actress Chieko Baisho, Hayato Isomura and the Philippines’ Stefanie Arianne head the cast.

Source: Yahoo.com