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Japan’s Expanded Blacklist for Exports to Russia Takes Effect

Japan’s expanded blacklist for exports to Russia covering about 750 new items, including used cars, came into force Wednesday, aligning with sanctions imposed by the Group of Seven nations amid the war in Ukraine.

Japan has already banned shipments to Russia of premium vehicles worth more than 6 million yen ($42,000) each from April last year, and the measures now additionally cover new and used gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles exceeding 1,900 cubic centimeters in engine capacity, electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as tires for large vehicles.

Exports of other crucial goods, such as semiconductors capable of being diverted to military use, machine tools and robots, have been banned as well following the Russian military invasion of Ukraine since late February 2022.

Japanese cars are in high demand in Russia, with exports of used cars to Russia in 2022 totaling around 200,000 units, up around 30 percent from the previous year, according to Finance Ministry data.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has estimated that the latest ban will halt about 20 percent of what was exported to Russia in 2021 by value.

Other items added to the export blacklist include metals such as iron and steel, boilers and fibers that can be used to maintain Russia’s industrial activities.

Source : Kyodo News