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HiteJinro to Strengthen Soju Marketing in UK

South Korea’s leading soju maker HiteJinro Co. announced on Tuesday that its soju sales in the UK are showing consistent growth year by year. The company plans to promote Korean soju in the European market starting in the UK.

According to HiteJinro, the company’s soju exports to the UK have experienced an average annual growth rate of about 42% over the past four years.

In particular, the export volume in the first half of this year grew by 43% compared to the same period last year. In 2022, it grew by 63% compared to 2021.

Moreover, based on HiteJinro’s local distribution data in the UK for 2022, the Jinro brand has gained popularity among local consumers, achieving a sales ratio of 77% among locals.

To further contribute to the booming European market for soju sales, HiteJinro plans to engage in marketing activities such as sponsoring a prominent UK music festival and collaborating with franchise restaurants.

First, HiteJinro was the official sponsor of the large-scale music festival “2023 All Points East,” taking place from August 18 to 27 in East London’s Victoria Park.

The company will run a dedicated Jinro booth and introduce its “E Isul series,” including Chamisul and Cheong Podo-E Isul (white grape-flavored soju), at ten bars within the event venue.

Through various events including photo zones and giveaways, it aims to provide local attendees with brand experiences, enhancing the image of Korean soju in the global market.

HiteJinro is collaborating with local dining franchise partners to make Korean soju easily accessible to locals through diverse food pairings.

As part of this, it has launched a “Jinro Combo Set” at ten locations of London’s famous restaurant “Yard Sale Pizza,” featuring “Buldak Pizza” and “Boksunga-E Isul” (peach-flavored soju). Moreover, two central London branches of the local chicken brand “Wing Wing” are selling “Jinro Slush Soju.”

“The European market, which used to be centered around Korean expats and travelers, is experiencing rapid growth in soju sales as it expands toward local consumers,” said Hwang Jung-ho, Managing Director of HiteJinro’s overseas business division.

“We plan to broaden the opportunities for experiencing soju in Europe, particularly in the UK, and carry out various marketing activities.”

Source: KED Global