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Garrett Motion, Kookmin University Open Car Software, Electronics Research Center

Center, holding sign: Kim Ho-jin, Garrett Motion Korea Business Development Manager, Lee Seok-hwan, vice president of Kookmin University, at the signing ceremony

Garrett Motion and Kookmin University in Seoul, South Korea have announced a joint effort to establish a new and highly advanced research and training center to further progress integrated vehicle software, including specialized control software to benefit electric, hybrid, and autonomous vehicles along with traditional powertrains.

Currently, the electronic engineering department at Kookmin University is operating the Infineon Center in Germany and the Hyundai AUTOSAR Center of Hyundai Motor Group. Once the Garrett Motion Research Center is up and running, academically and industrially comprehensive research is expected commence on vehicle control and vehicle embedded systems that connects the vehicle’s software platform, vehicle control solution and other compatible hardware/software combinations.

“We are grateful to lay the foundation for a comprehensive research and education on the vehicle control and embedded system that connects the vehicle software platform, control system and more,” said Professor Jung Gu-min from Kookmin University, who will be the head of the center. “We will do our best both in research and education so that the talented graduates can play active roles in this industry.”

Model Predictive Control (MPC) techniques have shown to be excellent enablers of performance, but one of the challenges is the difficult to control the existing controller in real-time due to its large computation amount. Along with the recent development of vehicle processors, and through the optimization of the performance and calculation volume by Garrett Motion’s MPC, its application and active introduction are being also reviewed for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

“Department of Electronic Engineering at Kookmin University has a systematic curriculum for vehicle software, control engineering, and embedded systems, and the competitive edge of related research centers,” said Doug Kim, General Manager of Garrett Motion Korea. “We are honored to bring the best of Garrett’s global knowledge and experience in support of joint, advanced tech research for the benefit of students.”

In addition, the automobile industry predicts that the introduction of model prediction controllers and application of Garrett Motion technology will be increased significantly not only in internal combustion engines but also in electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

In terms of nurturing talent, Garrett plans to expand its related education in connection with the Digital Innovation Sharing University Project. Kookmin University’s Garrett Motion Center will cooperate with Kookmin University’s Future Innovation Foundation Engineering Education Innovation Center to open practical designing courses and support internship programs.

Apart from funding the research and equipment for the center, Garrett Motion will also provide funding for student scholarships and internships.

Kookmin University will also organize its own competition for designing works done by the students with the support from the Future Innovation Group, the Engineering Education Innovation Center, and the Infineon Center. Later this year, those selected students will get to visit the Garrett Motion headquarters in Switzerland, the Garrett Motion R&D center in the Czech Republic, and the Infineon in Germany to share the research and development results.

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