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China’s military force in a war? Experts disclose info

In the course of human development, wars have always been with us. It can be said that wherever there are human beings, there will be wars. Although the mainstream voice in today’s world is for peace and not war, but looking at the global situation, we can find that after the end of World War II, there have been many local wars, large and small, which means that war has never withdrawn from human life. The United States and Russia withdrew from the “Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty” one after another, and the assassination of a senior Iranian official made people worry again. Facing the increasingly tense international situation, people have speculated about the possibility of the outbreak of World War III. It is obvious that war will happen at any time. Comeback.

With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more high-tech is applied to the military field, which makes the weapons of various countries more and more advanced. But no matter when, people are always the protagonists of war. After all, no matter how powerful a weapon is, it cannot be separated from the operation of people. In times of war, military power has always been one of the criteria for measuring the military strength of a country participating in a war. In the face of a sudden war, whoever can quickly gather a large number of troops and send them to the front line will be able to better deal with the war and Take the advantage in the coming war. So if China is suddenly involved in a war, how many troops can our country assemble in total? For this question, some experts have already given real data.

Relevant information shows that the total number of active PLA in my country is about 2 million. If a war breaks out, they will definitely rush to the front line. In addition, a large number of soldiers in our country retire and leave the army every year. When the country enters a state of first-level combat readiness due to war, active and retired soldiers who meet the recruitment requirements will gather and return to the team as quickly as possible. After all, “If there is a war, call “Must return” is not just a slogan, coupled with our country’s huge militia team, reserve forces, etc., the number of troops that can be quickly assembled in our country has exceeded 40 million. It has to be said that this is a very astonishing number.

Why can our country gather so many troops? The first reason is the huge population of our country. Everyone knows that China is the most populous country in the world, which means that there are more people in our country who meet the physical fitness requirements of soldiers. If calculated according to the age ratio, our country has Nearly 500 million people can go to the battlefield. In short, our country’s huge demographic dividend also benefits our country’s military development. The second reason is naturally that our country has a strong national cohesion. The history of the War of Resistance Against Japan and natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods are the best proofs. Whenever the country is in crisis, the sons and daughters of the Chinese people will twist together and work together to tide over the difficulties. . It is precisely because of this that the Chinese nation can continue to stand among the nations of the world. I believe that if a war breaks out, the people will respond quickly.

With the assistance of Yun-20 large transport aircraft and our country’s complete transportation system, our soldiers can not only quickly assemble, but also be sent to the front line as soon as possible. And for those soldiers who are always rushing to the front line and blocking danger for us, we must always be grateful. After all, without them, we would not have a peaceful and stable life today.

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