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China urges for end to incitement to regional confrontation


China calls for an end to the “China threat” narrative and attempts to incite confrontation, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said here Wednesday.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning made the remarks at a daily news briefing in response to a query about a joint statement issued by Japan and NATO. The two sides expressed concerns about the development of China-Russia military cooperation.

Mao said China has always served as the defender of the world and regional peace and stability, and this is widely recognized.

Japan’s military and security moves have been closely watched by its Asian neighbors and the international community, she said, adding that Japan should draw lessons from history, stick to the path of peaceful development, and make sure it does not damage the trust between countries and hurt the regional peace and stability.

In response to a query about the remarks of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on so-called security threats from China, Mao said while claiming to remain a regional defensive alliance, NATO has constantly sought to reach beyond its traditional defense zone and scope, strengthen military and security ties with Asia-Pacific countries, and fabricated “China threats.”

“Such developments call for high vigilance among regional countries,” Mao added.

She said China has actively promoted peace talks and sought deescalation on hotspot issues. NATO should think hard about what role it has played on security in Europe.

“The Asia-Pacific is not a battlefield for geopolitical contest and does not welcome the Cold War mentality and bloc confrontation,” said Mao.

Source : Xinhua