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BTS’ Jin starts military enlistment process

Jin of BTS has reportedly applied for the cancelation of the postponement of his military enlistment.

Reports in Korea on Friday said that the oldest member of the South Korean group has submitted his cancelation request to the Military Manpower Administration.

Jin will turn 30 on December 4. Under Korean law, able-bodied males are required to undergo two years of military service before they reach the age of 30.

BTS had previously postponed their enlistment due to Korea’s Military Service Act of 2020. It allows outstanding pop culture artists like BTS to postpone the start of their military service until they reach 30 years old.

With Jin’s reported request, he is expected to enlist before the year ends. BTS’ agency, Big Hit, announced last October that the group is expected to honor their military duty with Jin being the eldest and the first to start with his enlistment.

The group had recently held its “Yet To Come” concert in Busan, South Korea last October 15. Jin recently returned to South Korea after performing at Coldplay’s concert in Argentina last October 28.

Source: Philstar