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Anti-Vibration Paint Developed in South Korea

South Korean shipyard Hanwha Ocean has developed its own anti-vibration paint designed to improve operational performance by reducing vibration and noise.

The material is designed for surface warships.

For the past 30 years, damping materials have been dependent on imports from the US and Germany, says Hanwha, which has meant that the yard has sometimes had to over-order to meet minimum order requirements, resulting in waste.

“The anti-vibration material developed by Hanwha Ocean is cheaper than imported products and can be used without problems in terms of minimum order quantity or customs procedures due to local production, so production efficiency is also maximized,” said Hanwha in a statement.

The material has been approved by Lloyd’s Register.

Hanwha Ocean successfully built and delivered the entire KDX-I, the first Korean-style destroyer, and has built the largest number of destroyers currently in operation in the Republic of Korea Navy.

An official from Hanwha Ocean said, “The development of localization of anti-vibration materials has further strengthened Hanwha Ocean’s material competitiveness.”

Source : Marine Link