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Korea South-East Power Strengthens Cooperation with Four Asian Countries

Korea South-east Power announced on Aug. 22 that it attended the 38th Meeting on Streaming Coal Procurement and Handling held in Malaysia from Aug. 8 to 11.

This meeting was attended by fuel purchasing managers from four countries: Korea South-East Power, Taiwan Power Company, Japan’s J-Power, and Malaysia’s TNBF.

The participants shared information on each country’s fuel supply and purchasing situations. They agreed to strengthen an information-sharing system to collectively respond to potential global fuel supply crises.

Considering the potential fluctuations in global fuel supplies due to the international situation, such as last year’s Indonesian soft coal export ban and the war between Russia and Ukraine, collaboration between Asia’s largest fuel purchasing groups is critical.

The fuel procurement managers of the countries established a real-time response system to share situations during international crises at this meeting.

Additionally, the agenda was expanded to share each company’s introduction plan for hydrogen and ammonia, which are gaining attention as carbon-free fuel sources.

On this occasion, Korea South-east Power proposed expanding the scope of fuel supply collaboration in response to changes in the energy industry.

Source: Business Korea